The Diplomats Golf Cup

The Diplomats Golf Cup is an annual event being organized by the promoters of the successful and long running ‘Indo Nippon Golf Cup, since 2006’

Golf is the Business Sport of the 21st Century and India has now embraced the sport. The event supported by the Ministry of External Affairs, Economic Diplomacy Division proposes to leverage its association with the sport to create a unique medium which will help foster Economic Diplomacy amongst India and the participating countries.

The tournament draws participation from Diplomats, Bureaucrats and Captains from the Indian Industry.

The objective of the event is to support building a new, supreme India through International relations and economic self sustenance. The focus of the event is to catalyse and develop India’s social and economic ties with other countries. Some of the driving themes of the tournament has been Global Infrastructure Investment, International technology, Cyber Security amongst others.

The event provides a good mix of Indian and International, discerning audience on a single platform unlike any other golf event and thus provides a great networking opportunity for all stakeholders.

The maiden tournament last year and this year’s event was a resounding success with participation of more than 26 countries.

The event was managed by Digraj Golf Inc and some innovations to make the participants experience enjoyable and the sponsors ROI attractive.

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indo nippon golf cup


The Promoters, Through Their 10 Years Of Organizing The Indonippon Golf Cup Have Over 500 Members From Across The Various Japanese Trade Associations In India And Also Have Good Relationships With The Various Embassies.So Good Participation Is Likely.

The Diplomats Golf Cup Will Create A Platiform Where Ambassadors, Bureaucrats And Top Decision Makers Form Indian And International Companies Could Be Touched Upon On A Single Platform. Both In Morning With The Golfers And In The Evening With The Non Golfers.

Build Your Brand Through The Fatest The Growing Game In India.

Tremendous Business Development And Relationship Building Opportunifies.

Goodwill Generation.